Tuesday, April 3, 2012


 Doing what you love...
isn't this what it's all about!
Lorie and I have a dream
another shop together,
it may happen, it may not,
but...why not!

 We want to create, we want to design,
we want to set our souls free...
a shop that may have other dealers
and may not!
Trying to find the right mix of dealers/artists
is never easy, most never want to work,
just want you to sell their stuff...
well, that ain't happinin'...

 You must have the drive,
the willingness to work long hours
BEYOND 5:00...
You must be creative and insightful
as to the next trends and color palettes.
This isn't about us giving you a paycheck,
this is about you sharing in the expenses
and the time...
usually the buck stops here!

 Vision is the key word,
if you don't have this, you are a dealer
whose day consists of just finding and
pricing just as much stuff as you can gather.
Our vision for Gypsy Moth Antiques is
to be different, out of the box,
free spirited!

We have a dream,
though we don't have a place...yet...
we do however have The Junk Asylum,
this is where we will start our adventure, the
purple room will gather our roots, the fragrances
earthy, magical, dreamy...
Our painted furniture will have a
Gypsy twist, Bohemian, Hippie,
This is how we roll,
how 'bout you...

Monday, February 27, 2012

New beginnings...Gypsy Moth Antiques

 What if the TWO WHITE GIRLS
joined forces again...

 started creating vignettes
  creating jewelry of their own designs
painting fun furniture

 started buying stuff for a new business venture
and maybe another location in addition
to The Junk Asylum...
 would you follow their bliss
into the unknown...

Well, we're doing it!
We've starting our little adventure
at home base, the Junk  Asylum...
Gypsy Moth Antiques!
With our eyes set towards a perfect  location
to open another business in Eldridge featuring
dealers/designers who love the art of display.
If you have questions, please get in touch
with Lorie  at 563-210-3877